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Tilt and Turn Windows: An Investment Worth Making

If you have old, inefficient windows, there’s a chance you’re letting money escape every month in energy bills. The reason for this is not all windows offer the same efficiency, as some allow more air leaks into a home, which forces the house’s HVAC unit to work harder, contributing to higher bills. Due to this, it’s important to find energy-efficient windows for your home. This is where tilt and turn windows become an excellent choice.

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The Difference in Design

With tilt and turn windows, you gain increased insulation thanks to the quality, metal construction. Seemray offers an endless variety of window types that each come with a bevy of energy-saving and eco-friendly benefits. Here’s a look at a few:

Vinyl Window

Vinyl windows are made with ⅙” glass thickness. This creates the perfect barrier between the elements and your home. Accenting this is the five-chamber sash and five-chamber outframe, both of which increase thermal performance. The result is a toasty home with fewer air leaks and lower energy costs.

The Global 70

The Global 70 takes innovation and insulation to the next level. Constructed on 2 ¾” thick Rehau PVC frame, you’ll receive unsurpassed durability as the frame will never chip, crack, or peel.

What’s more, the double weather stripping around the perimeter of the window creates a barrier that eliminates water and air infiltration while keeping your home comfortable.

The Global 70 window elevates security with the 10-point locking system around the perimeter. This ensures optimum soundproofing, air tightness, and security. It’s the home improvement hat-trick that will save you money, keep you comfortable, and make your home more secure.

The Global 86

Seemray also offers the Global 86 ⅓” thick PVC frame, triple pane, and 22U-Factor windows. These windows far exceed Energy Star standards.

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Cost Savings Abound

The Global 86 windows are the pinnacle of efficiency as they can reduce energy loss reduction by up to 76%-this accounts for replacing old wooden or plastic windows with the Global 86. Can you imagine reducing your home’s heating and cooling losses by that much? Talk about a game changer on the financial end.

Eco-friendly Options

What’s more, Seemray makes its windows with environmentally-friendly materials like vinyl. The vinyl resin used for the windows is mostly made of common salt, which is a sustainable material.

Most important, because each of these windows are efficient, it requires your home’s HVAC system to use less energy, contributing to a greener footprint for your house.

Experience our Difference

Seemray is proud to make premium quality windows, and we stand behind the products we make. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our tilt and turn windows.

We also deliver exceptional customer service. When you’re ready to experience the pinnacle of window making and reduce those expensive energy bills, contact us. You’ll be glad you did!

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