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Tilt and Turn vs. Casement Windows

29 Sep 2017 News

Are you in the middle of a home renovation project, or even beginning to construct a brand new home? Then you need to pay special attention towards the type of windows that you are getting installed. When installing windows, you will be provided with many different options to consider. Out of these options, the tilt and turn vs. casement windows evaluation holds a prominent place.

Most homeowners struggle when they are trying to figure out the best option from Tilt and Turn Windows to casement windows. The following is a comparison between the two. This list of pros and cons is aimed at assisting you in making the best choice for your home and wallet.

Pros of tilt and turn windows-

You are able to open the Tilt and Turn Windows wider than casement windows. In the case of an emergency, you will have the ability to transform your windows into emergency exists. This can provide excellent assistance in the case of a fire. You can either open these 90 degrees or tilt them to open at 10 degrees. When the windows are tilted, you can put your mind at ease knowing your kids and/or pets will be safe. You don’t need to go through any hassle in order to clean the tilt and turn windows, either. You can simply swing the window open inward and clean the outside of the window from the comfort of your home.

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Cons of tilt and turn windows-

The tilt and turn windows are generally slightly more expensive when compared to other types of windows. However, the commitments you make to get a hold of these windows are totally worth it when compared to the benefits that you receive in the long run.

Pros of casements windows-

If you are tight on space in your house, casement windows can be beneficial in the fact that they open outward to save room. Because they only have a single opening mechanism, they can also run on the cheaper end of the window-pricing-spectrum. For projects running on a tighter budget, this may be an option to consider.

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Cons of casements windows-

Casements windows have quite a few cons when compared to Tilt and Turn Windows. For example, you will not be able to fully open these windows. You will also have less control over airflow to your home. While tilt and turn windows have two different options for opening, casement windows are stuck with a single opening mechanism. Because they only open outward, there really is no easy way to clean the outside of them, either.

As you can see, the pros and cons linked with tilt and turn windows (for most people) will outweigh the pros and cons of casement windows. All of the positives associated with them should put your mind at ease with your investment.

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