EGRESS WINDOW WELLS 2017 6 - Why You Need Egress Windows and What Are the Best Kinds?

Why You Need Them and What Are the Best Kinds?

Egress windows provide you with an entry or exit point from a basement. Normally, these windows pair with an Egress Well that contains steps or a ladder.

These windows can prove to be enormously beneficial if a fire or other emergency happens, as they allow you and first responders quick access into and out of your home. And because of its purpose, there are fire safety codes you must follow.

What are the Codes for Egress Windows?

There are many regulations you must follow. To demonstrate, the bottom of the egress window cannot be more than 44 inches from the finished floor; the minimum opening for the window is 5.7 square feet, with a width of 20” and a height of 24.” This ensures people can enter and exit the window safely.

Another regulation, according to is the window much have an opening area of at least 4” of the total floor area. This allows for better ventilation. If you have any concerns regarding the regulation, the team at Seemray will be happy to help.

basement egress windows ideas 06 - Why You Need Egress Windows and What Are the Best Kinds?

What Types of Windows Can be Egress?

There are multiple types of windows you can use as egress such as casement. With casement windows, you can crank them open similar to the way a door opens. Benefits of casement windows include easy access to the outside and the ability to clean your windows from the inside.

Another option is double hung windows. These windows have vertical sashes that allow you to open the window from the top or bottom. This provides advantages such as allowing a flow of fresh air into your home without worrying about pets or kids escaping-when cracked from the top.

Alternatively, tilt and turn windows can also be excellent for egress. These windows feature a tiling mechanism that allows them to open with an inward tilt. This allows you to enjoy fresh air without fear of easy escape from pets, and in the cases of rain, it can keep the rain outside.

Along with improved functionality, tilt and turn windows from Seemray provide better insulation thanks to its quality construction. This translates to better durability, improved performance for life of ownership, and lower energy costs, thanks to the reduction in cooling and heating losses.

When you combine all these factors, you’ll find that tilt and turn windows make excellent egress windows. And when you are ready to buy, Seemray will be happy to help.

We’ve been constructing quality windows for more than two decades. Our approach to making windows is to use the highest German quality windows that far surpass EnergyStar recommendations. The result? A window that you’ll love, that can save you money on energy bills and will provide the functionality you deserve for the life of ownership. Contact us today to learn more!

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