tilt and turn room - Why European Windows Offer Better Functionality

Why European Windows Offer Better Functionality

It’s a perfect day. The sun shines, the temperatures are comfortable, and you want to air out your home. But then a logistical problem presents itself. You have pets or children to account for. Opening a window could give them a chance to escape.

It can also be an attractor for neighborhood burglars, who seize on quick scores. With these factors in mind, see how European windows from Seemray can allay your fears and provide the functionality you want.

Designed for todays needs - Why European Windows Offer Better Functionality

Windows Designed for Today’s Needs

As our brochure demonstrates, what makes tilt and turn windows outstanding are their versatile functionality. You can literally tilt the window open to allow in that glorious fresh air without fear of having an animal or child escaping easily.

What’s more, the turning mechanisms make opening your window entirely a breeze. The genius of the tilting mechanism is that it extends inwards into the home. This allows you to enjoy fresh air and can prevent rain from entering your home, as the angle of the tilt directs the rain down the window to your home’s drainage channels.

Comfort isn’t the only area where these windows thrive. In the unfortunate event, your home catches on fire or you need to escape for any emergency reasons, the turning mechanism of the European windows make it simple for you and your loved ones to escape your home quickly.

A Deterrent to Thieves

These windows are also designed with security in mind. Thieves look for easy targets and there’s none easier than an opened window that allows access into the home.

The difference with tilt and turn windows is when you tilt to open them, it doesn’t provide a clear access point into the home. In fact, a passing glance could make it appear your windows are not opened at all.

Therefore, you receive the best of both worlds: having fresh air into the home and restricting access for thieves.

Whether it’s enjoying the fresh breeze on a beautiful day, increasing the functionality of your home or providing better security, tilt and turn windows from Seemray can help you accomplish these objectives.

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us to see how we can improve the functionality of your home.

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