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European Windows vs. American Windows

14 Nov 2017 Blog

Selecting windows for a home or office can be a complicated task. Windows are among some of the biggest investments you can make and should be given a fair amount of consideration. Your choice should include energy concerns, functionality and durability. Tilt and Turn Windows are the most popular and best quality windows in Europe. They are operated by lever handles and are able to swing open sideways or tilt open at the top. People love them because easy to operate and serve as the best investment. Despite the popularity of these windows in Europe, American windows take a different approach.

The difference between European windows and American windows

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Installation method

Most European windows are flangeless while American windows have a nailing flange. Both have their advantages. European windows require more thought if they are to set into the wall, which can be somewhat time-consuming.

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Increased energy efficiency

One main difference between European and American windows is energy consumption and cost. Because energy is much more expensive in Europe than America, European homeowners use tilt to turn windows to ensure their home is as energy efficient as possible. European windows are designed to cater to that.

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Design elements

European windows have an advantage when it comes to the design of their windows. European tilt and turn windows look trendier due to less framing. European manufacturers use many window frame options like white and tan frames, but can come in an array of other colors.

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The general cost difference

In most cases, the cost of both windows depends on the options available and features included. This includes features such as sleek hardware, color powder coated finishes, etc. The additional features increase the total cost of the windows. There are different figures because of the technology used, materials and designs of both the European and American windows. In general, you can expect to pay a little more for European windows because of the high-quality design. For most, the added cost is worth the investment.

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