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Types of European Windows
We design our modern windows to accommodate a wide range of tastes. Our lineup includes tilt and turn, tilt, awning, fixed, and curtain wall windows. Furthermore, we include a huge selection of colors, textures, and materials to make many customization options possible. Whether you’re upgrading your home or office building, you’ll find our lineup the best fit for your needs.
Tilt and Turn
Known as the modern standard of European windows, these versatile windows provide you with multiple ways of opening as well as premium quality. They are able to be tilted open at the top, as well swing open inward from the side.
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Tilt-Only (Hooper)
Inspired by the traditional tilt and turn windows, the tilt-only window is a more simplified version. Able to tilt open inward at the top, these windows are great for allowing fresh air to enter your home without compromising on security.
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For situations where functionality isn’t key, but you still want to let in natural light, the fixed window (also known as a picture window) is the perfect choice. These stationary windows are just as beautiful and high-quality as our other selections.
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Curtain Wall
For the perfect aesthetic for any home or building, a curtain wall can be a great option. These non-functional windows can have a significant impact on any room from both the inside and out.
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European Window Cost

What’s surprising is the affordability you’ll receive with our modern windows. However, cost doesn’t only extend to buying. Simply, you want a window to help curb those swelling heating and cooling bills. And our European windows can help. Constructed with German quality parts and thermal sashing, you’ll receive better insulation and a more comfortable home, resulting in lower energy bills.

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Modern European Windows

Our Euro windows achieve a high-level of performance thanks to the quality construction and German parts. If you’re ready to buy or want more information on our windows, feel free to contact our customer care team. We’ll supply you with all the information you need, so when you’re ready to make your upgrade you can do so confidently. Best of all, we offer a lifetime warranty on our windows so you’ll receive confidence we stand behind our work.

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Modern European Windows
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European Windows: The Perfect Blend of Style, Efficiency and Security

If you’re considering a building project, or simply want to update the windows and doors in your home, European windows might be the perfect solution for you. Known for their unique functionality, superior design, and high energy efficiency, European-style windows have been making quite an impact on the global door and window market. This article will provide an in-depth look at European windows and why they could be an ideal choice for your next building project.

European windows, often referred to as tilt and turn windows, are renowned for their unique functionality and superior design. Originating in Germany, these windows have two main opening modes: the tilt mode and the turn mode. When the handle of a tilt and turn window is turned to the tilt position, the window tilts inwards from the top for secure ventilation and enhanced security. On the other hand, turning the handle to the side enables the turn function, allowing the window to swing inwards for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning.

One of the primary advantages of European windows is their energy efficiency. Many European windows, particularly those designed for passive house projects, come with triple or even quadruple glazing. The space between the three or four glass panes is filled with gas, and the whole window is tightly sealed to prevent heat loss, reducing energy consumption significantly. The high-performance insulation they provide makes them ideal for extreme weather conditions, keeping your home warm during cold winters and cool during hot summers.

Another standout feature of European windows is their multi-point locking system. Unlike traditional American windows, which typically have one or two locking points, European windows have multiple locking points around the frame. This, combined with steel core tubing in the frame and the sash, contributes to enhanced security and sound protection.

European windows are available in many styles and materials, from vinyl windows to high-quality custom wood windows, catering to a variety of aesthetic preferences. One popular option is the European-style tilt and turn French window, which can span from floor to ceiling, letting in more natural light and offering an unobstructed view of the outside.

While European windows generally have a higher upfront cost compared to American windows, they offer long-term benefits in terms of energy savings and longevity. High-quality materials and superior construction mean these windows can withstand wear and tear for many years, providing excellent value for your investment.

For homeowners seeking a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, European style also extends to doors. Lift and slide doors, folding doors, and French doors equipped with the same multi-point locking system are commonly found in European homes. Similar to their window counterparts, these doors comply with high-performance standards, making them energy-efficient, secure, and easy to operate.

Despite the undeniable advantages, it’s important to note that European windows may not be a fit for all homes or projects. Installation can be more complex due to their unique operation, potentially leading to higher installation costs. Additionally, screens, a common feature in American homes, are traditionally fitted on the inside in Europe and may not be compatible with the tilt function. However, some manufacturers have adapted to this by offering screens that can be installed on the exterior.

In conclusion, European windows offer a perfect blend of style, security, and high energy efficiency, making them a valuable addition to any home. Their unique functionality, combined with the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and increase security, can significantly contribute to the overall appeal and comfort of your home. Despite the initial cost, their durability and long-term savings make them worth considering for your next building project. Before making a decision, we recommend consulting with industry professionals and exploring all available options to ensure you choose the windows that best suit your needs and tastes.

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