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Styles of Fixed Windows

02 Nov 2017 Windows

Fixed windows (also called non-operational windows) are windows designed to let in light and add expansive views to a room. Fixed windows are generally used for places that are larger or where an opening window is not required. They are designed to bring in more daylight and they are an excellent choice for dining rooms, living rooms and master bedrooms where ventilation is not a major concern. Fixed windows provide a perfect frame to get the best view and allow an abundance of natural light to flow in.

Bay Windows

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These types of windows are used with a non-operational or fixed picture window as the center window, with two side windows that open. Bay windows are used to provide an open feeling and they also act as ventilators.

Bow Windows

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These are pretty similar to bay windows and are designed to provide a feeling of more space in your house. They are made from a number of windows, at least four, to give a curve to the window design. Picture windows or operational windows can be used in this window design.

Glass Block

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These are fixed window blocks that allow light into the room, but have no ventilation. They are mostly used in interior rooms like bathrooms, but can also be used on the exterior. They range from translucent to clear and provide different degrees of privacy.

Picture Windows

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Picture windows are the perfect example of fixed windows. They cannot be opened, but they provide unobstructed views in areas that don’t need any ventilation. Picture windows can also be used with other windows. Many times, they are added in the same room alongside operational windows.

Fixed window prices differ with the sizes and the materials used to make the window. The affordability and versatility of fixed windows depends mostly on the materials. However, fixed windows are much simpler, meaning they have low maintenance costs since they have no opening or closing mechanisms.

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