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Folding Windows: The Good and the Bad

30 Nov 2017 Blog

A folding window is a window system structured to accommodate several panels that are fixed to fold. The window is either opening to one side or both sides fold to opposite directions. It is recommended that the window’s width be up to 6m. 3 to 8 panels should be available whose minimum width is 50cm and the maximum width should be 85cm. Some manufacturers use aluminum or wood to manufacture a folding window system, while others combine the two items to produce a unique product. Since they are custom made, tastes and preferences differ from one person to another. This includes choosing color, frame and grid profile. When looking at color options, one can choose between thermal and non-thermal, where the latter is recommended for the interior, away from the rain or wind. Grid profiles address various shapes like Ogee (double S-shaped curve), Square, and other various traditional ones.

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Folding windows are often used to open enclosed spaces to the other side or outdoors. For patios/decks, the folding windows reveal a spectacular view accompanied by ample fresh air, while in the kitchen; this system can be used to serve people in the dining room. Commercially, these windows are recommended for restaurants, hotels, stadium boxes, hospitals, and retirement home facilities among others. Despite the fact that folding windows are becoming popular, there are both advantages and disadvantages of applying this system.

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• Materials used like aluminum and vinyl/wood, make a strong and rigid folding window.
• A vinyl folding window system does not peal, corrode or crack.
• Folding windows are large in size and allow ample light, air and space.
• Commercially, they are economical and preserve energy, even at home.
• They are stylish and can readily open up space.

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• They are expensive to install, maintain and take up a lot of space on the wall.
• Folding windows made using aluminum tend to corrode and break down.
• The vinyl folding window system lacks in strength and flexibility compared to the aluminum one. Also, they are vulnerable to pests unless the right coating is applied for protection.

For those folding windows manufactured using both Vinyl and aluminum, a durable and low-maintenance blend is created. Unless you are an expert with folding windows, it’s not advisable to attempt a DIY without thorough research and/or seeking professional help.

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