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German Windows Compared to the United States

If you have ever visited or lived in Germany, you have most probably noticed a big difference in the window designs from German homes to the ones in US homes. Germany has a lot of small engineering innovations such as omnidirectional wheels of shopping carts and other things that seem to make life more simple than in other countries. However, what especially stands out to newcomers and visitors are their German windows, especially the Tilt and Turn Windows. What makes these windows such a perfect investment in German households?

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows are the popular choice of windows used in German homes by many homeowners. They are loved due to their draft-free ventilation provision and easy access when cleaning. 

The tilt and turn windows are starting to be used in homes in the US, but they originated in Germany. Some of the types of tilt and turn German windows include:

  • Sash tilt and turn: look just like the standard sash windows, but you can rotate the moving sections for ease external cleaning and access.
  • Casement Tilt and turn: this is the same as casement windows, but can be opened inwards.
  • Reversible casement windows: you can rotate the whole moving section by almost 180 degrees for external cleaning.
  • Tilt and slide patio doors: the tilt and turn patio doors are similar to sliding patio door, the moving panel can be tilted inwards for secure ventilation.


uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

The UPVC tilt and turn windows can be either swung inwards using the side hinges or tilted inwards from the top. These operations are achievable with the use of one handle found in the window frame. The handle reduces the complexity when it comes to design, maintenance requirements, and operations. The UPVC tilt and turn windows give a home more room for innovation in the glass materials and on the frame. They come in a variety of variation and designs.


How are German Tilt and Turn Windows Different from the U.S.?

Not all windows are created the same. Unlike other windows, the tilt and turn windows have a unique ventilation system. However, the tilt and turn windows in Germany and those used in the US homes vary differently. The windows in the states operate differently than the ones in Germany. There is a bit of adjustment with German home windows than those in the US. The windows in Germany are thick and sturdy and they have three different functions which are:

  • Fully closed
  • When a handle is flipped out the windows open at a slant
  • Can open up by swinging in from the side

German windows don’t slide like most of the windows in US homes. The German windows are even better since most German homes rarely use the screens. In Germany, people prefer tilt and turn windows because they can open like a door and because they don’t have a central heating system or an air conditioning system. The benefits make the windows a vital aspect of a home.

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Benefits of German Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Secure and stylish with a difference: tilt and turn windows can be found in both aluminum and uPVC
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Reversible window options
  • Secure
  • Tilt and turn door versions
  • Available in different colors


How Does the German Tilt and Turn Window Work?

The German tilt and turn windows are easier to operate than most. It can serve as a hopper window, casement window, and as a fixed window if you know how to operate them. Here is how they work:

When the handle is in a downward position, the window is shut and locked. You can rotate the handle to 90 degrees to pull and open the window horizontally, or you can rotate the handle another 90 degrees further so it is vertical to tilt the window in towards you. Tilt and turn windows are one of the popular to add some charm to your home. Peoples’ preference for German windows is largely influenced by their draft-free ventilation elegance enhanced security, and ability to tilt the windows inward.

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