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The Global86™ series, our premium tilt and turn windows, are even stronger and more energy efficient than our standard series. Able to be tilted open at the top and swung open from the side, these windows give you the perfect balance. These windows meet all Passive House requirements for energy efficiency.

Quick Comparison Facts

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2x efficiency

Our Global86™ windows are 2x more energy efficient than what is required by ENERGY STAR® certification standards.

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4x stronger

A steel reinforced frame strengthens the entire window, keeping the structure intact without bending. Guaranteed for 100 years.

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2x soundproof

Global86™ windows are 2x more soundproof than that of most architectural-grade windows, keeping out the sounds of lawnmowers, cars, etc.

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3x secure

With a 10-point locking system and optional Super Triplex laminated or tempered glass, these windows are 3x more secure than the average window.

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Design and Technology

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  • 1/6” thickness glass.

  • 5 chamber sash for increased thermal performance and greater security

  • 6-chambered outframe for enhanced thermal performance without compromising on structural capability.

Perfomance Summary





up to

up to

down to

down to


41 dB



Passive House

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uPVC/Fiberglass Formulation
Our Global86(tm) system is composed of Rehau’s secret Rau-Fipro® formulation and proprietary extrusion technology create window and door profiles with outstanding thermal performance of up to 35 percent better than other residential vinyl windows.

Compression-Seal Technology
uPVC/Fiberglass frames and sashes and fusion-welded corners are combined with a sophisticated multi-chambered design and compression-seal technology. A minimum of three seals are co-extruded with each window and door profile for a welded fit that is incredibly tight.

Glazing Capability
Global86(tm) windows and doors are designed to accommodate dual-, triple- and even quad-pane glazing up to 2”, which further helps keep warm air in on cool days, hot air out on warm days. With u-Values down to 0.13, this far surpasses the 0.37 u-Value of economy windows.

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Available Styles and Colors

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All windows come in white color by default. We have carefully selected some
additional colors for your convenience.

Color Options

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Handle Options

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No extra charge

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Grid options:

Any custom image or cut glass is also available:

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The Following Styles are Available

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Fixed windows

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Tilt-and-turn windows

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Tilt-only windows

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Inward opening
awning windows

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Curtain wall windows

Available Enhancements

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An optional upgrade is a Triplex glass, 2mm thick glass panes glued together, working as a car windshield. It offers extra impact resistance and security. Damaged glass won’t shatter, instead, it will crack, which keeps home temporarily secured until the window is replaced.

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Thickness matters

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All of our standard glass is no less than 1⁄6” thick, upgradable to 1⁄4” thickness for additional noise cancellation and durability.

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Powder coating

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Another addition can be special glass powder coating, which offers additional UV protection and re-ection of up to 40% and replaces the need for a protective glass screen. This offers additional savings on AC energy during summer months.

Privacy Glass Available

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Master Ray

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Master Point

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Master Point

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Sand Flutes

Customer Satisfaction

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We know how stressful and time-consuming home renovations can be, which is why we want you to be completely satisfied. From the second you open our website until the day your project is complete, we want you to feel at home.

One way we do this is by offering an unmatched limited lifetime warranty on all Tilt-and-Turn windows and door products, as well as an unbeatable 10-year limited warranty on all Flex-a-Stone purchases. In addition, we also offer a 115% price match guarantee on all windows and doors. This means that not only will we match any competitor’s price, but we will beat it by 15% or more! If quality is your concern, you can rest easy knowing all of our Tilt-and-Turn windows are German-engineered using only the highest quality components, which is why they are so well-reviewed.

We hope we are able to add you to our long list of very satisfied customers. If for any reason you aren’t as satisfied, you can reach out by simply filling out the information on this contact sheet. We really appreciate your business!

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Getting a quote is as easy as sending us the dimensions you are looking for and your desired type of windows!


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Global86™ Projects

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Interested in doors built with Global86™ system?

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Entry Doors

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Available in limitless styles, our entry doors are unmatched in quality and visual appeal. Make the right first impression every time.

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Tilt and Slide Doors

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Able to tilt open at the top or slide open like a sliding door, our tilt and slide doors are the perfect bridge between your home and outside.

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Tilt and Open Doors

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Designed in a similar fashion to our tilt and turn windows, our tilt and open doors are able to tilt open at the top and swing open like an entry door.

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