How Tilt and Turn Windows Promote Better Safety

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You might not think of windows when it comes to your home security needs, but you’ll be surprised to find how much they factor in. Your windows are entry points thieves can use to enter and leave your home quickly; this is why choosing the right ones can make a difference.

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Home Security: Tilt and Turn Windows Benefits

When you shop for new windows, you’ll find a wide variety of types. One type that’s gaining popularity in the United States is tilt and turn windows. These operate differently from traditional windows in that they tilt open inwardly.

Not only does this promote better ventilation of air into the home, and protection from the elements, it can also serve as a deterrent. Keep in mind that robbers look for crimes of opportunity. When they see an open window, they conclude it’s easy to access whereas if they see a window that tilts inwardly they might think twice given how much more difficult it would be to get into your home.

Ease of access is only one factor you should consider though. Other considerations should include quality of construction and strength of the glass.

With tilt and turn windows from Seemray, you gain quality craftsmanship. We use durable materials such as metal to promote longevity even with frequent use.

Further, each of our windows come with glass panes of at least ⅙” thickness, as it delivers better insulation, soundproofing, and security. Even when the most ambitious robbers would want to attack your windows, they’ll find trying to break through a time-consuming and physically arduous process.

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Why Choose Seemray?

When it goes to choosing the right windows to aid in your home security plan, tilt and turn windows from Seemray are the right way to go. We make our windows here in the United States, so not only are you receiving a quality product, you’re helping to promote manufacturing jobs in the country.

Moreover, because we use quality materials for our windows, you are gaining the best in durability and functionality. We test our windows to ensure they hold up to our exacting standards because we believe you deserve the best; it’s why we have earned trust from our customers since 1997.

With our windows, you gain peace of mind because the quality construction can help protect you and your loved ones. And with our attentive service and an excellent assortment of material, color and textures, you’ll find the look you want with the quality you deserve. Contact us today to learn how!

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