Learn How the Versatility of Flex-a-Stone Can Improve Your Home

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Ready for a fresh look for your home but don’t have the time for an extensive home improvement project? Flex-a-Stone from Seemray can offer you the appearance you want with the convenience you deserve.

What is Flex-a-Stone?

Simply, it is a flexible material you can use to decorate your home’s siding, backsplash or wall panels. The difference you’ll gain with this material is that it’s stretchable, bending up to 180 degrees without any concern that will crack or tear. This allows the material to conform to your home’s shape seamlessly.

An Eco-Friendly Option

We pride ourselves on making our materials environmentally friendly. So much so that we use a strict manufacturing process that’s devoid of any forms of pollution. The result is a product that’s clean and doesn’t contain any radioactive elements.

Easy to Use

When it comes to changing the look of your home, it doesn’t have to be a huge project that takes up time and devours your budget. Flex-a-Stone is affordable-it isn’t uncommon to find it’s less expensive than stone siding.

Along with being budget-friendly, it’s easy to install. All you need is the lightweight material and an adhesive such as glue. Therefore, with Flex-a-Stone, you can transform the look of any room in your home in hours, not days.

Provides Durability

One concern many buyers have when changing their siding is durability. After all, you want a material that will be able to withstand the elements and ours does that. Our material can withstand harsh weather elements such as extreme temperatures, UV lights, even biological agents. This means when you install Flex-a-Stone, it will provide you with the look you want for a long time to come.

Another benefit that will help your home’s durability is the material’s permeability. We constructed it to prevent the flow of water and air, yet it’s also designed to allow water vapors to escape, reducing the likelihood of your home’s walls rotting or growing mold.

A Diverse Array of Styles

We’re proud to offer a wide range of styles to suit your varied design tastes. To demonstrate, our Jerusalem style brick Limestone is perfect for your home’s backsplash or stone veneer. With a wide range of colors and its stone texture, it’s the perfect component to elevate the appearance of any room. 

Meanwhile, we also offer faux wood. Not only is the material strong, flexible, and durable, it’s visually appealing, providing warmth to any room in your home. Best of all, with a diverse selection of color choices available, you’re likely to find the look you want.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using our Flex-a-Stone. Two more benefits you’ll gain is when you contact us, we’ll take the time to work with you to find the solutions that best match your needs.

In addition to making the buying process affordable, it’s quick. When you order from us, you’ll receive lightning fast delivery. When minutes and money matter, we can take the stress out of transforming the look of your home, contact us today to learn how.

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