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This homeowner replaced windows throughout several rooms in the house with tilt and turn windows for functionality and energy efficiency.

Arizona Home

Over in White Hills, Arizona, a homeowner wanted to replace all of the windows in his home. Replacing 10 windows in total, the owner, Robert, took advantage of the capabilities of Seemray and our tilt and turn windows to get the job done. Having visited Europe several times, Robert was familiar with these windows and wasn’t going to be satisfied unless he had them. Through some thorough online searching, Robert gave us the call and the rest is history.

IMG 3772 - Arizona Home

Diving into the home’s earlier situation, it contained windows with many issues. For one, many of the windows were between 15 and 20 years old. For many American windows, this is very out of date. Some of the windows weren’t closing properly, calling for high energy bills in the Arizona summers trying to keep the house cool.

Upon looking at prices for replacing windows, Robert was excited to find that getting European tilt and turn windows was not much more expensive than getting some standard double-hung or sliding windows. “It was a complete no brainer…”, Rob said “…to invest a little more to get such a great return.”

So, in the spring of 2016, Robert initiated the project. Changing out all 10 windows from the living room, to the bedroom, to the office, and more, he received a total home makeover. From both the outside and the inside, the home had never looked to be in such good shape.

IMG 3779 - Arizona Home
IMG 3777 - Arizona Home

Robert’s Experience

For Robert, he says his experience was everything he had hoped it would be. The new tilt and turn windows are saving his energy drastically during warm months of the year.

In the slightly cooler springs and falls, he enjoys tilting all the windows open at the top to have constant airflow throughout the home without having to spend money on air conditioning or worry about remembering to close the windows every time he leaves the house.

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IMG 3716 - Arizona Home