Project Description

Beachwood Project




Beachwood, OH


Tilt and Turn Windows




These homeowners wanted a total renovation of the windows throughout their home. Replacing 16 windows in total, they achieved the look and comfort they were looking for.

Beachwood Project

In Beachwood, Ohio, the Henderson family found themselves looking for a change. Amidst some other changes around the home, their main focus was getting windows that would save them on their energy bill as well as look great from the inside and out. Without having to compromise on either, they set their sights on tilt and turn windows. For them, they wanted to have the same style all throughout the house. Having many differently sized and shaped windows, they needed a place that could match what they needed.

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That’s where Seemray came in. In the spring of 2017, the work began. Changing out 16 windows in total, from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bedrooms, the whole home would feel brand new.

The master bedroom (pictured top-right and middle-left) was a center-piece for the home. It really stood out from the outside and was the most important priority for the Hendersons.

Containing 5 windows in total, the master bedroom now looks great and is comprised of 2 tilt and turn windows to help control airflow. “It truly catches your eye as you walk by now”, said Mrs. Henderson.

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The Result

The finished product for the Hendersons was a home that was both energy efficient and looked great from the inside and out. They could now control the airflow of the home when they didn’t want to use air conditioning, and they didn’t have to worry about cold air entering the home in the harsh winter months. It was a “best of both worlds” scenario for them and they have since recommended us to several friends and family members.

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