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Patio Addition




Providence, RI


Lift and Slide Door




This homeowner wanted their back patio to match the quality of the rest of their home, opting in for a lift and slide door from Seemray.

Patio Addition


While some homes are moved into feeling like a complete home, others may require some remodeling or even adding on additions. In the case of the Vega family’s home, they had an addition put on to create their dream back patio. Upon searching multiple stores and websites, they came across the European-style lift and slide doors. Reading into their general superiority compared to most American-made sliding doors, they decided that there was no other real option to consider. Moving into the summer of 2015, they decided to complete their addition with some help from Seemray.

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6 - Patio Addition

The Vega family had two major priorities when consider patio doors for their addition: 1. They wanted something that was high quality and wouldn’t have to be replaced, as they knew they were reaching retirement and really wanted this to be the last big project for their home. 2. They wanted something that was very energy efficient. Luckily, upon finding us, they were able to get the best of both worlds. Upon finishing construction, they were able to add on to their already energy efficient home with doors that would only further benefit them. They also will never have to worry about replacing the door because of the high quality parts used to make it. The Vega’s can rest easy knowing their lift and slide doors are here to stay!