Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills with Tilt and Turn Windows


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There’s nothing like summer. Cookouts, pool parties, lazy days in the hammock, it’s the perfect time of the year…well…almost. There’s still the humid air you must contend with and if you have older windows, it could affect your summer energy bills.

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What a Difference a Window Can Make

A poorly insulated window can bring in more of the summer than you want. The result? A house full of warm air, where you do everything you can to get it out. This normally takes its toll on your air conditioner, as it works overtime to achieve this.

The only problem with this approach is it doesn’t really cool the house any. Consider that up to 30% of your cooling costs escape through your windows, and the extra work your air conditioning does contribute to higher summer cooling bills, so you’re losing on both ends. 

That’s no good for anyone. Luckily, there’s a solution that will help: consider tilt and turn windows from Seemray.

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The Seemray Difference

Seemray has been building quality German windows since 1997. We’ve built our reputation on our durable products and outstanding service.

Our windows are made with premium materials such as metal to withstand varying climates and the normal wear and tear. What’s more, each of our windows come with ⅙” thickness of glass to offer better insulation. The result? A window that keeps more of the warm air out so your home remains comfortable and cool. Most importantly, you’re not giving all of your money to energy companies each month.

Since we’re talking about money, it’s important to note we understand budgets vary greatly, which is why we offer a huge selection of materials and style types to best match your needs. What’s more, if you qualify, you can receive no payments for six months or 0% financing through Wells Fargo or Chase. This allows you to break up the payments so it doesn’t contend with your summer fun budget.

And there’s one more consideration: your investment will pay off. Not only will you have a more comfortable home and lower summer energy bills, CNN Money reports homeowners who do window replacements receive on average up to 80% back on their investment. Add to this the improved comfort and lower energy bills and it’s the perfect hat-trick.

To learn more about our tilt and turn windows, feel free to contact us. Our team will be delighted to learn what your needs are and work with you to find the best possible solutions for your home.

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