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Front Touch-Up

Parma Heights, OH
Tilt and Turn Windows

In Parma Heights, OH, a homeowner decided they are finally fed up with their drafty, beat up-looking windows and is looking for a change. They considered just replacing their windows with the standard double-hung windows that were originally in place, as that seemed like a logical place to start. Upon looking into some alternatives, they realized that they don’t have to spend much more and could have something that would actually last, rather than need to be replaced again in 5-10 years.

That’s when they decided to call us about installing tilt and turn windows. Replacing a total of 3 windows (2 bedroom windows on the upper floor and the main living room window on the first floor), the front of their home got a complete makeover. What makes this project interesting is that they wanted the windows to be fixed for the most-part, but wanted the upper parts to be able to tilt open outward as opposed to a standard tilt and turn window which tilts inward. While it wasn’t typical for us, we wanted to give the customer what they wanted, and the end result was custom tilt and turn windows.

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