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Home On The Lake

Tilt and Turn Windows
$15,000 – $20,000

In Haliburton Highlands, we take you to a home in Central Ontario that is located right on the lake. This home, located 46 meters above Drag lake, features walls of tilt and turn windows almost the entire way around.  The owners, Chris and Susan, wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful views surrounding their home, and so they decided to have the walls be largely made up of glass.  They say that their original plan was to do as much as they could to minimize the divide between their cozy indoors and their gorgeous outside; a plan that most would agree was definitely achieved.

All of the windows used in Chris and Susan’s project were made using uPVC.  Their “wall of windows” facing the lake is 21 x 6.4 meters, and is made up of three windows stacked vertically. Essentially, there are three 4.3 x 1.8 meter window frames, each of which is made up of four large tilt and turn windows.

Being that this home has no air conditioning, ventilation was a key focus for the owners. Because these tilt and turn windows have such strong locks and are so energy efficient, they are perfect for keeping the cold out during the winter. In the warmer months, having the option to tilt the windows open at the top provides the perfect amount of airflow throughout the entire home.

To further touch dealing with the colder months, Chris says he was very pleased with the energy efficiency of the home and how low his energy costs were in the winter. Using radiant heat, combined with the energy efficiency of the tilt and turn windows, they were able to greatly cut down their energy costs throughout the winter.


Susan on “energy efficiency”

After completing the home, Susan was more than happy with the turnout from her tilt and turn windows. A key takeaway from her was how energy efficient they were. Speaking on the winters, she said “We feel a nice consistent heat everywhere, even near the windows.” No cold air was able to get through, as the windows are so thick and secure.


Wrapped Up

The key takeaway from this project is the versatility provided by uPVC tilt and turn windows. With a steel reinforced frame, state of the art locking mechanisms, and thick glass, these windows never let cold air in during colder months. During the warmer months, the option to tilt all of these windows open provides the perfect amount of airflow, without having to worry about someone getting in (or pets getting out for that matter). Great energy efficiency, while looking beautiful and providing the perfect bridge between your home and the outdoors.




Our wooden Tilt and Turn windows being used to add the perfect touch to this bright, modern dining room.

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