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Passive House

Tilt and Turn Windows
Lift and Slide Doors
$20,000 – $30,000

In Belmont, Massachusetts, a family looks to obtain peak energy efficiency by getting their house to reach Passive House standards. To achieve this, they used our highly energy efficient Global86 tilt and turn windows and lift and slide doors. To have the ability to choose a brand of windows and doors that both met those standards and looked appealing from the inside and out was a “best of both worlds” scenario for the family. These windows and doors were used throughout the entire home (31 windows and 2 lift and slide doors in total).

For those unfamiliar, Passive House is a very rigorous set of requirements that aim to create a high standard of energy efficiency  and minimize a building’s ecological footprint. The idea of Passive House (Passivhaus) originated in Germany and is slowly becoming more and more popular around the world.

By the middle of the year 2010, there was an estimated number of Passive House buildings around 25,000. That number has been steadily rising since. A good example is in the United States. In 2010, there were only 13 verified Passive House buildings. But since 2017, there are now well over 1,200 units in the U.S.

Following suit with the recent trends in the U.S., this Boston family wanted to achieve these high standards of energy efficiency. In their recent venture, this family wasn’t alone, as the Greater Boston area has been generally pushing towards more and more energy efficient two- and three- story homes and buildings.


The Solution

To complete this task, this family replaced every single window and door in the home. 31 windows and 2 doors later, they had the finishing touches they needed. The tilt and turn windows allowed for great thermal performance during the colder months, preventing any cold air from entering the home. As for the warmer months, they were perfect for allowing airflow throughout the home by leaving the windows in the “tilted” position.


Wrapped Up

Not only was this family able to lower their energy bills year-round, but they were also able to reduce their carbon footprint on our planet. In addition, they got some of the nicest, most visually-appealing windows and sliding doors on the market. Because of the triple-pane Global86 windows, less heat was able to enter during the summer and more heat was maintained during the winter. Not to mention the high level of security these windows and doors were able to provide.



In order to obtain passive house standards, a family invests in Global86 windows and doors to achieve maximum energy efficiency.


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