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Summer Home

Forest Park, IL
Tilt and Turn Windows
Tilt and Open Doors

Over in a suburb of Chicago, Forest Park, a homeowner wants to get the most out of his home by getting windows and doors that match the quality of the rest of the home.  Before the update, the owner, Ken, had all double-hung windows and a standard sliding patio door. While everything was still functional, he knew that they didn’t fit the rest of his home. Having a more modern-style home with a lot of trendy styling, he wanted windows that matched the look he was going for. Upon discovering tilt and turn windows, he gave us a call to look into options.

While he knew he was getting into a new style of windows, what Ken didn’t know was how many types of patio door options there really were. That’s he fell in love with the tilt and open doors.

Able to both tilt open at the top and swing open like a standard entry door (very similar to the design of our tilt and turn windows), he knew those were the patio doors he had to have.

To round out his patio, we incorporated two side-by-side tilt and open doors which were each bordered by tilt and turn windows, making the room feel that much more open and bright.



For both visual appeal from the outside and functional appeal from the inside, a Chicago suburb homeowner uses tilt and turn windows and tilt and open doors to his home.


The Result

Beyond the patio doors and windows, Ken replaced windows on the upper level of the home as well as the living room with tilt and turn windows as well. “My home is so energy efficient now, it’s really kind of crazy. I feel like I have full control over my home now”, said Ken. When he doesn’t want to use air conditioning, he can have all of the windows tilted open for complete airflow throughout the home, and when it’s cold he doesn’t have to worry about any cold air coming in.


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