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Slide Doors: The Differences Between Lift and Tilt Doors

Doors can tie the look of your home together, and in some instances, provide the dramatic accent that makes your home pop. However, there’s more to doors than just being good-looking, slide doors, in particular, are excellent due to their functionality. Here’s a closer look at some of the different kinds available.

Tilt and Slide Doors

One option available is doors that have a lift mechanism. What’s beneficial about this is it gives you access to the fresh air but can also keep rain out thanks to its inward tilt. And if you have kids or pets, it provides you with a way to enjoy the outdoors while keeping them inside too.

Meanwhile, the sliding mechanism makes it simple for you to open the door fully without much force applied. This might differ from older sliding doors, where it feels like you’re a powerlifter trying to wedge the bad boy open.

Furthermore, the inward tilt promotes better flow of air into your home. And when you go to close it, the durable construction enhances your home’s insulation so your house remains cool and comfortable in the scorching summer months.

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Lift and Slide Doors

Another option you might consider is lift and slide doors. When you move the knob to the unlock position, it pulls the wheels sideways then down to lift the door off its seals. By doing so, it places the door in a position where you can open it almost effortlessly.

Think of how awesome this could be for cookouts when you have people coming into and out of your room regularly. Along with increased functionality, you gain security and better ventilation.

When you lock the door, the panels on all sides of the door connect. By doing so, you won’t find spacing between the seals and the door which reduces heating and cooling losses while also giving your family better security thanks to the tight construction.

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Overall, sliding doors offer many advantages such as a better flow of air-in the case of tilted, improved insulation, enhanced functionality, and better security. Moreover, when you add the quality construction and friendly service you’ll gain from Seemray, you’ll gain a partner who will work with you to make your home improvement dreams a reality. You can have your home your way. Contact Seemray to learn how today.