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Sliding Windows: The Benefits and Drawbacks

21 Nov 2017 Blog

When building a home or upgrading your existing home, there are a variety of window-types you might want to consider. Sliding windows are a type of window that does not open vertically, but horizontally. Unlike other traditional windows, like single or double-hung windows, with the sliding windows, you have to move to the right or the left to expose an opening. Depending on the ventilation needed, the sliding windows could be a possible option for your business or home.

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Unobstructed view (partially)

Sliding windows offer you an (almost) unobstructed view. This is because they do not have grid lines and you will only have to deal with some blockage right down the middle of the window. If you want to enjoy or soak up the outdoor scenery, using sliding windows offer you the option. Larger windows have increased light and greater ventilation.

Easy to operate

Operating a sliding window is much easier compared to other windows. The functions of the sliding window are to allow fresh air inside the home or business premises. These windows are so well-known and loved because they are easy to operate. One side of the slide is on a roller, while the other remains stationary. However, there are some with double or triple sliders. Both the double and triple slider windows are also pretty easy to operate.

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Difficult to clean

One of the drawbacks of sliding windows is that there is no easy way to clean the outside of them. With tilt and turn, or even French windows, it is much easier to swing your window open to clean the outside. With sliding windows, you will most likely have to go outside your house to get it cleaned fully.

Low maintenance

Having less-complicated and fewer moving parts, sliding window maintenance-costs are much lower compared to other windows. With correct installation, they can last for many years without the need for maintenance. You can also pop out the operable pane for cleaning. This is also nice if you want to make room for an air conditioner in the window.

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Energy efficiency

If you are looking for windows that will save your energy bill, sliding windows are better than some others. They are more energy efficient compared to other traditional windows. For starters, the windows don’t have complicated moving parts, which allow them to close tightly and warmly, blocking air infiltration.

When it comes to sliding windows, the dimensions of your windows might influence your decision. If you love to open wider windows, sliding windows are the best compared to others like casement windows. On the downside, being that these windows slide sideways, they aren’t the best option for ventilation purposes. An option like tilt and turn windows would be more beneficial, being that they can easily tilt open at the top.

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