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Tips for Keeping Your European Tilt and Turn Windows Looking Good

Our European tilt and turn windows have a style of their own that’s sure to distinguish your home from others on the block. One way these windows differ from others is due to the German quality parts and customization options we offer you. The result is a window you can have your way whether it’s classic, picture window styling or you want something more modern. Best of all, because of the window’s functionality cleaning them is easy.

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Cleaning Hacks for Tilt and Turn Windows

With conventional windows, cleaning presents challenges due to the windows swinging open. Yet, with European tilt and turn windows, the functionality simplifies the cleaning process. How? Because these windows tilt inwardly. This inward tilt allows you to clean the outside of the window without the need to go outside or use a ladder for second story units.

Meanwhile, when you go to clean your windows, you’ll want to do a visual inspection first. This includes checking for dirt, grime, and scratches on the window pane.

Next, the Glass Doctor recommends using a coffee filter to clean the window. Many others have recommended newspapers, yet because they carry ink it could smear onto your window whereas coffee filters offer an easy way to clean the glass pane so your windows look as good as new.


And that brings us to the next item, which solution to use? Traditional cleaning solutions such as Windex do the job but can leave streaks on the windows. Therefore, a more natural approach is a better option.

Sears Home Services recommends mixing two parts of water with one part of vinegar and one part soap. Once combined, spray the window with the solution then wipe it off using a coffee filter or microfiber cloth. After wiping it, remove any excess soap by rinsing the windows a final time with water. In turn, this should leave your windows looking great.

Another part of cleaning the windows concerns the frame. It isn’t uncommon for dust, dirt, and other particles to gather when you have the window opened. To clean this out, use canned air or an air compressor to blast the area. This will knock out any debris.

Overall, you’ll find it simple to clean your European tilt and turn windows, resulting in you having a great looking window that delivers the same functionality through the life of ownership. If you have any questions about your windows or are interested in buying, contact us to learn more!


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