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What Are French Windows?

French windows are full-length hinged double sashes that generally open inwards instead of being equipped with a sliding mechanism. Thanks to the large glass panes, French windows represent great advantages for small homes; also, due to the no-impost system, they allow much more light to come in, along with better flood of fresh air.

How French They Actually Are?

Originating in 16th and 17th century, they found their roots when France was waging war against Italy. That led to some cultural commingling, which eventually resulted in French bringing Renaissance architecture back home with them. Realizing that mixing a window and a door brought much more light into an — otherwise gloomy and poorly illuminated — home, builders designed the windows with two sections, each of which could open outwardly. Over and above, they turned out to be an elegant and beautiful addition to a modest home.

Meanwhile, there are other types of windows that borrow from the elegance of French style but don’t execute it. This is where the manufacturer created a faux divider, meaning you’ll be able to see it but when you run your hands over the glass pane you won’t feel it.

What Are the Benefits of Using French Windows?

French windows look great due to their sophisticated unique styling. However, along with the atractness, they are very practical in use — which we’d like to prove you with the list of advantages below.

More Light!

The increased amount of used glass surface allows to fill the space of house with maximum of sunlight. Which, by the way, can also be incredibly helpful in making a small interior feel amazingly spacious!


Since we make so much efforts to maintaining the neat look of our land, time and again tidying it up, mowing the lawn, taking care of bushes and flowers, — shouldn’t we be able to enjoy the fruit of our labor? French windows, apart from serving a great adornment to the house’s exterior itself, could also grant excellent panoramic view onto either your front yard or patio.

Reduced Bills

A set of French windows can greatly reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs as they help save energy and cut down electricity bills by a big margin. In addition, the amounts of heat and cold losses are also greatly reduced thereby enhancing the functioning of the heating and cooling systems of your home.


Finally, for those caring about the safety of their family and themselves, here’s another undeniable advantage of having French windows: lack of a vertical crossbar between the casement windows (which is referred to as no-impost system) allows to utilize them as a safe additional entrance in case of emergency.

In addition to all the mentioned above, you should think of French windows as a great option to help you with transferring voluminous objects.

Now, if you find renovating your home with a set of French windows, we would like you to know our products exceed the efficiency mandates set by ENERGY STAR, and we’re proud to stand behind our products with a limited lifetime warranty. Seemray continues to be an industry leader in building high-quality European windows and doors.

Therefore, when you’re looking to purchase the best windows or doors the industry, we are here to help you with that!

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