Originating in Europe back in the 17th century, builders created French windows to add more light into a home. To achieve this, builders designed the windows with two sections, each of which could open outwardly–similar to the way casement and tilt and turn windows operate.

Further, you can tell the difference between French windows and other types by its design. French windows have frames around each one of its window panes, which you can feel with your hand.

Meanwhile, there are other types of windows that borrow from the elegance of French style but don’t execute it. This is where the manufacturer created a faux divider, meaning you’ll be able to see it but when you run your hands over the glass pane you won’t feel it.

What are the Benefits of Using French Windows?

The main intention behind creating these windows was to add more sunlight into the home. Because of the window’s unique design, it incorporates the use of more glass so you’ll receive an area filled with natural light.

Another benefit is the window’s functionality. Originally, Europeans designed these windows to also function as French doors in the sense you can open them to access the balcony or garden area of your home.

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Lighting and functionality are only two aspects of the equation, though. Another main draw to French windows concerns its unique styling. Simply, these windows provide a gorgeous backdrop that is sure to tie any room of your home together. 

What Types of French Windows Exist?

When thinking of its design, casement windows immediately come to mind. And while it’s true that French windows come in casement models, the more popular option in Europe continues to be tilt and turn windows.

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, tilt and turn windows have distinctive functionality in that you can swing them open similar to the way you would with another window. Also, you can tilt the window open inwardly.

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This inward tilt achieves several advantages you won’t find with other windows. For one, it allows a steady flow of fresh air into your home while keeping your pets and kids from climbing out.

Two, it can protect you from the elements such as sudden rain or wind gusts. Therefore, by adding the elegance of French window styling coupled with the functionality of tilt and turn windows, you gain the best of both worlds.

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