Trademarks of European Doors

One noticeable difference between American doors and European is in design. Generally, European doors embody a classic design, though some manufacturers make modern designs as well. Therefore, if you’re looking for a picture window that stands apart from the standard models you’ll find at window companies or the Home Depot, European ones are the right choice.

Moreover, while European builders use the same materials as their American counterparts, their construction principles differ. European window companies use German quality parts for their windows, which makes them more durable than using whatever parts are available.

Another big difference concerns the functionality these windows deliver. Similar to their American counterparts, they swing open to allow easy access into and out of the outdoors. However, the big difference is they also have a tilting mechanism. This tilting mechanism allows you to open the door inwardly.

The design of the inward tilt offers many advantages over swinging open your doors for fresh air. For one, the angle of the tilt achieves an excellent flow of air into your home. Two, since it’s an inward tilt, you enjoy the fresh air without fear of having your animals or kids escape easily, and the tilt protects you from the outside elements such as weather or having a surprise four-legged visitor show up.

Arguably, the biggest difference comes from durability. European doors last much longer because they’re built to last. Thanks to the German quality parts and excellent manufacturing principles, these doors deliver the same performance over the years with minimal maintenance on your end.

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