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What Does it Take to Earn ENERGY STAR Certification?

If you’re like some households, the winter and summer months can be mortifying to check the mail. After all, these are the peak periods of the year where your home consumes more electricity, and it isn’t unexpected to see energy bills that reflect these spikes in demand. However, you can reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint by using ENERGY STAR products.

What Are ENERGY STAR Products?

When you shop for a new appliance such as a TV, washer and dryer or dishwasher you might see the ENERGY STAR label on the appliance and/or the price tag. To receive this certification, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests all products, using rigid criteria such as:

  • Products must contribute significant energy savings regardless of the climate
  • The products must deliver the services demanded of the customer along with increased energy efficiency
  • If the certified product cost more than a conventional model, the customer will recover their investment through energy bill savings within a reasonable timeframe
  • The EPA can measure the energy consumption and performance of the product through testing

As you can see, the EPA has strict standards in place for ENERGY STAR certification. And this is important too, as the whole purpose of the program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions made by less efficient products. Further, its goal is to help customers identify energy efficient products that will lower their energy bills without sacrificing performance and environmental comfort.

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What Are the Benefits of ENERGY STAR Certified Products?

When thinking from an efficiency mindset, there could be a wide variety of factors at play including lowering your energy bills, reducing carbon emissions and/or making your home more comfortable. Luckily, you’ll gain all three benefits of these products.

On the energy bill end, because these products deliver a high level of efficiency, it reduces the energy exerted by your home. To demonstrate, if you buy an ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher, not only does it use less water than the average model, it also uses less energy as well. This translates into a reduction in your water and electric bills.

Comfort is another integral component to examine. Simply, you want an efficient home that also keeps you comfortable when the weather doesn’t want you to be. On this end, a great example of delivering efficiency and a high level of comfort is tilt and turn windows from Seemray.

Learn How Tilt and Turn Windows Deliver Efficiency

Our windows feature thermal sashes that enhance insulation. This results in a window that delivers a reduction in heating and cooling losses. And since 30 percent of a home’s heating and cooling can escape through poorly ventilated windows, you can see how much savings a great window will give you.

Moreover, all of our windows exceed ENERGY STAR standards so when you buy with us, you’ll reduce your home’s energy bills and carbon emissions without sacrificing performance and comfort. Learn how you can take the first step towards a more efficient home by contacting Seemray today.