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What Makes European Doors Unique From Other Types?

A door represents more than an entry point into and out of your home. It can also be your first layer of security against possible intruders; it can be integral in improving the functionality of your home, and a design centerpiece that elevates its curb appeal. Because of these factors, choosing the right door can make a huge difference. Here’s why European doors are different.

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What Sets European Doors Apart?

European doors offer the functionality you won’t find with conventional models. To demonstrate, tilt and slide patio doors create an effortless way for you and your loved ones to access the outdoors with an added bonus: the door can also tilt inwardly to provide a flow of fresh air into your home.

Additionally, the inward tilt has other advantages such as allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about pets or kids climbing out. The angle of the tilt can also protect you against robbers, who might not consider your home because the door doesn’t provide easy access into your home. 

Enhanced Security

On the security end, you’ll notice European doors are not hollow. The solid composite material whether it be steel, wood or vinyl helps the door deliver unmatched durability. Moreover, the solid construction can prevent thieves from trying to kick in your door.

These doors also feature multiple locking mechanisms. You’ll notice this when you close the door. If you install a lift and slide door for instance when the door closes it has multiple locking mechanisms that seal the door tight. This offers another layer of protection against the outside elements.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Security and functionality are not the only benefits you gain, however, as the quality construction of European doors delivers better energy efficiency through their airtight construction-this will drastically reduce heat loss and heat gain, resulting in lower energy bills.

Versatile Style Options

Furthermore, these doors are great to look at. Whether you’re seeking a classic design or something more modern, European doors come in a wide range of materials and styles to appeal to your design instincts.

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Which Types of European Doors Are Available?

We’ve already touched on lift and slide and tilt and slide doors. Yet, there are other options available as well such as European entry doors. These combine the classic stylings of European architecture with durable construction befitting the highest quality available.

Another option is tilt and turn doors. With these, you can tilt the door open to usher fresh air into the home. In addition, they have the ability to swing open similar to the way a normal patio door does.

Last but not least is Italian interior doors. If you want to make a dramatic enhancement to any room in your home, these doors provide that along with the unmatched quality you come to expect from European doors.

Because these doors are more popular in European than they are in America, finding a reputable provider could be difficult since availability isn’t as widespread. Luckily, the team at Seemray has built their reputation on making high-quality European doors while providing attentive service.

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