151021 001 M - What’s a Passive House? And How Can I Enhance My Home’s Efficiency?

This time of the year makes some more mindful of their home’s energy consumption. Part of this is due to the energy used to cool your house down since the weather has become swamp-like and energy bills approach the ridiculous mark. Another part of this concerns its ecological footprint. After all, the more energy your home uses, the more emissions it generates; this is why the passive house standard is a growing trend.

What is a Passive House?

To counter the growing emissions output, Bo Adamson of Lund University in Sweden spoke with Wolfgang Feist of the Institute for Housing and the Environment about introducing an energy efficiency standard that builders and homeowners could use to reduce their ecological footprint.

From their talks, research projects in Germany originated. In part, the researchers studied North American buildings made during the 1970s, according to Wikipedia. Keep in mind, the United States was in the middle of the oil embargo, so it challenged builders to make homes and buildings that consumed minimal energy since there wasn’t much oil available to use.

Moving forward, the research enabled an energy efficiency standard known as passive house, which a building earns by using minimal energy. To achieve this, certified passive house buildings implement the smart design by taking into account the regional climate of the building’s location. They’ll also include solar heating, passive cooling, and other elements to minimize the energy a building uses to ensure its occupants’ comfort.

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What Are the Benefits of a Passive House?

There are many benefits gained by using passive house efficiency standards. The first is a vast reduction in carbon emissions due to the fact the home consumes minimal energy.

Another benefit to reduced energy output is lower utility bills. Since a passive home has many elements that help retain a regulated temperature, even when the weather becomes more demanding in the summer and winter months, you won’t notice a dramatic increase in your electric bill.

You’ll also be more comfortable. The design of a passive house accounts for the total reduction of heating and cooling losses, so even when the weather is brutal, you’ll remain comfortable in your home.

How Do I Make My Home More Efficient?

There’s been a surge in the number of homes earning passive house certification. One of the reasons for this is you don’t have to have a new build to enjoy the benefits of having one. Instead, you can do improvements such as updating your windows to the Global 86 from Seemray.

The Global 86 windows are the pinnacle of energy efficiency, as they feature compression seal technology for superior thermal and acoustical performance, earning it passive house certification.

In addition, we construct our Global 86 windows from RAU-FIPRO. This is a proprietary fiber known for its outstanding strength and load capacities that are also used in race cars and aeronautical construction.

Overall, small additions such as adding our passive house-certified Global 86 windows can help your home reduce its energy consumption while improving your comfort. Best of all, we offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure you receive the highest quality and durability. Contact us today to learn more about our windows and how they can improve your home’s energy performance.

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