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Window Maintenance: How to Clean Your European Windows

European windows from Seemray offer you a classic look with uncommon functionality. Unlike the traditional window that opens in either a swing or pull motion, tilt and turn windows have a tilting mechanism, which allows you to open the window inwardly, making window maintenance much easier.

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Cleaning Your European Windows

We make window maintenance simple. When cleaning your windows, here are some considerations:

  • First, it’s important first to inspect them. Look for any signs of damage such as chipping or cracking, and if you find any notify us immediately so we can fix it for you.
  • Next, you should choose a cleaner that isn’t acidic. Acidic cleaner won’t hurt the window pane but it could damage the window frame.
  • Concerning the window frame, the type of material it is will determine the cleaning solution you will use. If you have vinyl windows, you can use a household cleaner and a cloth to remove any stains. It’s important to note you’ll want to apply the cleaner to the cloth before applying it to the window frame.
  • Meanwhile, if you have wood frames, you’ll want to use standard cleaning products to remove any dirt, debris or stains you encounter. And if you find scratches, you can fill it in with using paint or touchup pencils.
  • Along with the windows and frames, inspect the grooves of each window for dirt or grime. If you find any, use clean water to flush the area.

Keeping them clean will help you get more out of them by way of improved visibility and performance.

And if you’re in the market for new windows, we have a great selection of tilt and turn models for you to choose from. We have been manufacturing quality, European windows since 1997 and with our attentive service, you’ll find your next home improvement to be enjoyable, just as it should be. Contact Seemray today to have your home your way.